Cloud Services

Cloud based small business

You are and your business are on the move. Therefore, you need to be able to work from anywhere, across your devices and have a consistent and fast experience. With Office 365, you’ll get that freedom. Whether you’re at your desktop or on your tablet or phone, you can access your documents, email and calendars, shared files and online meetings. And wherever you access it, it’s always your Office, so your files are up to date and your recent documents are only a click away.

You need to build your brand so your business stands out. Think of Office 365 as your marketing support. You can brand your email with your own domain name, so every message you send builds name recognition. Promote your business with a professional website that’s easy to build and update – without additional hosting fees. Grab people’s attention with customised marketing materials that you design to fit your brand and customers. Holding online meetings with HD video and screen sharing is impressive, too.

Cloud first Enterprise

Providing business continuity and high availability across every application and workload in your cloud can present quite a challenge. There’s cost, the need for remote monitoring capabilities, recovery time, and the complexity of restoring inter-dependent services in the right order. That’s why many workloads that could benefit from protection often go without it. Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager helps simplify the business continuity of applications by coordinating the replication of virtual machines at a secondary location.


With Azure Virtual Machines, you can deploy a full range of OSs and software solutions, including numerous Linux distributions and Community-driven applications. With Oracle and Ubuntu images available in the Azure gallery along with a large set of community images in VMDepot, the options are nearly limitless. This includes Oracle, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, Apache, RabbitMQ, Django, Drupal, Joomla!, LAMP, WordPress, and many more.


With Virtual Networks, you can control and configure all aspects of your networking, including defining the subnets and the preferred DNS IPs. With ExpressRoute, you can choose from a list of critical partnerships to make connectivity even easier that includes AT&T, Verizon, BT, Level 3, and Equinix.

Additionally, load-balancing across multiple instances is included and easy to configure. You can create the load-balancer, add security ACLs to control access and define specific probes to help monitor application health, all within the easy-to-use portal experience.


Azure Web Sites is a fully managed Platform-as-a-Service offering that enables you to deploy and scale Web Apps in seconds. Focus on your application code, and let Azure take care of the infrastructure to scale and securely run it for you.

Run your Web apps in a high-availability environment with automatic patching. Web apps deployed with Azure Web Sites are isolated and are hosted in VMs dedicated to your applications – ensuring predictable performance and security isolation. Built-in OS and web-server patch management performed automatically with zero downtime.


Your environment can be protected by automating the replication of the virtual machines based on policies that you set and control. Site Recovery coordinates and manages the ongoing replication of data by integrating with existing technologies such as Hyper-V Replica, System Center, and SQL Server AlwaysOn.

You can further simplify your disaster recovery protection by replicating to Azure and still benefit from the simplicity, automation, customisable recovery plans, health monitoring, and orchestrated recovery the service provides. One of the primary roadblocks to comprehensive protection of applications is the expense of establishing and maintaining a secondary site for disaster recovery. Now Azure can be your disaster recovery site (preview).