Hyper-Converged goes mainstream

Modernize your data center and transform IT

IT organizations need to support greater business agility and value through:

  • Scalability, flexibility and performance for a wide range of workloads and applications
  • Fewer silos and reduced deployment complexity
  • Strong data protection capabilities
  • Streamlined, cost-effective operations and management
  • Adaptability for automation through cloud and other new technologies
  • Improved use of data and analytics
  • Better alignment of IT performance metrics to business outcomes
  • Serving new business needs quickly and economically

To meet these requirements, companies are increasingly turning to hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) to provide a flexible core system for running mission-critical applications. IDG Research recently found that 85% of IT leaders say their companies already use or are planning to use HCI. HCI implementers report lower costs, improved customer experience, and better productivity – HCI is 73% faster to deploy than standard server infrastructures and yields 98% less downtime.