"There’s no place like home, especially if it’s a smart one."

The Internet has become as vital as hot water and electricity in the modern home, but it's often the thing that is most neglected.

That's why we design and build our home network solutions using proven enterprise-grade hardware, so we know it won't let you down. We'll make sure that everyone can get connected no matter where that are in the house, and make sure they'll always have the best experience

All our home network solutions report back to our management system so that we can always make sure your getting the best from your investment.


Achieve full home Wi-Fi coverage with our range of indoor and outdoor access points. Everything is connected so you can set the thermostat from your phone in the bath.


Up-to 10 gigbit hardwired connectivity for your most demanding equipment, and when paired with our wireless access points, allows for simplified cabeling and management.


Replacing your ISPs router with a managed device allows for smarter traffic management, so streaming Netflix in the living room wont impact playing Fortnite upstairs.

We can integrate our home networking solutions into any home or building, but as hardwiring a house is invasive, we recommend any installation is done during times of home renovations our building works to make sure that you network is invisibly integrated into the building.